Our Products
Our unparalleled range of products includes:
  • I.P. Grade Chemicals
  • Ph Indicator Paper
  • High Purity Liquid Chromatography Solvents
  • Amino Acids and Derivatives
  • M.B. Grade Chemicals
  • Indicator Powders/Fluorescence/Metal/Redox
  • Atomic Absorption Std. Solution
  • Rare Earths/Actinides - Their Salts
  • Clinical/Diagnostic Reagents
  • Laboratory Cleaning Agents
  • Dehydrated Culture Media
  • Media Supplements
  • Culture Media Bases
  • Readymade Staining Solutions
  • Anti-Bact/Fungal/Microbial Agents
  • Dodeca Discs (Antibiotic Combined Discs)
  • Plant Tissue Culture Media
  • Animal Tissue Culture Media.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities
CDH has complete in-house production facilities enabling its chemists and engineers to manufacture and process, both organic and inorganic range of chemicals, with ultra-modern production techniques.

We have remained at the forefront of the industry by developing highly sophisticated facilities for distillation as well as purification of various kinds of solvents. Available in both SS and glass, our distillation equipment is available in range varying from 1600 L and 20 L capacities. All products are developed under temperature-controlled conditions to minimize water and oxygen impurities. Moreover, these are filtered through 0.2 micron and are packed under nitrogen, as and when required.

Main Production Facility for Solvent Equipments

  • S. S. distillation unit cum reactor
  • Glasslined reactor with distillation unit
  • Glass distillation cum reactor
  • Vacuum pump.

Important Utility Engineering

  • Water purification plant with mixed bed
  • Effluent treatment plant
  • Boiler with all mountings and accessories
  • Diesel generating set
  • Air compressor
  • Chilling plant.

CDH is recognized as a benchmark for a wide range of high purity products. Our Analytical Reagent grade is in compliance to the specification of IP, BP, USP and EP grades. We also produce MB (Molecular Biology Reagents), Reagents for Microbiology, Reagents for Biochemistry, etc. using superior quality raw material. During manufacturing, our team of engineers ensures that the quality and purity of each product is as per specification by conducting series of tests at different stages of production. Environmental & Safety concerns are also taken into account. Our engineers and chemists employ variety of ultra modern techniques for the development of new products.


  • S.S. evaporating pan jacketed with motor, gear box, stirrer
  • S.S. jacketed crystaliser pan with motor, gear box, stirrer
  • Glasslined jacketed evaporating pan with flame proof, motor, gear box, stirrer
  • S.S. 316 high pressure autoclave S.S Vibrator/Shifter
  • S.S. centrifuge basket size
  • S.S 316 nutsche filter with upper portion 50 L & bottom portion 250 L
  • Steam heated tray dryer
  • Steam/Electric heated tray dryer
  • S.S. Micropulveriser
  • S.S. Multimill.

Dehydrated Culture Media
After achieving success and confidence of being a major supplier of Fine Chemicals, we launched Dehydrated Culture Media in 2001 to meet the requirements of our customers in various fields of - Dairy, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Veterinary, Medical and Microbiology departments. CDH Culture Media products are manufactured with high quality ingredients so as to produce excellent results and meet the expectation of our valued customers. In CDH, each and every ingredient undergoes series of tests, prior to manufacturing by our well equipped and highly efficient quality control department. Maximum quality control measures are taken into consideration throughout the manufacturing process to get the desired result.

We are offering our chemicals in strong and attractive containers
Available Packs
Solids : 25 Kg. & 50 Kg.
Liquids : 25 lit., 100 lit. & 200 lit.

  • Prompt Deliveries
  • Safe & Convenient to handle
  • Consistent and High quality standards
  • Availability at competitive prices

Analysis certificate is available on request

Quality Assurance

Central Drug House makes sure that all the products manufactured in-house have clear specifications which are ascertained by strict quality control in compliance with the international standards. 

Our specialized quality and R&D departments are facilitated with hi-tech facilities to assure precision.

We believe that Quality is of great importance for the success of any organization. Moreover, we continuously monitor our sales and customer care services to foster strong relationships with our clients.

The trust and belief of our customers compel us to be more responsible in attaining superior quality. CDH ensures all the products have clearly defined specifications guaranteed by careful and sophisticated quality control in compliance to the international standards. Our Quality Control and R&D departments are equipped with ultra modern facilities and sophisticated instruments, operated by the qualified team of Ph.Ds, M.Techs and Chemical Engineers to extract the best from their skills. We, at CDH, feel that Quality is the most important aspect without any substitute. In addition to that, we are constantly monitoring our sales and customer care services to build closer relations with our customers. Some of the quality assurance equipments used by us include:

  • Gas Chromatograph
  • Laminar Air Flow
  • UV Spectrophotometer
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
  • Digital Automatic Karl Fischer Apparatus
  • High Speed Centrifuges
  • Conductivity Meter
  • HPLC
  • Melting Point Apparatus
  • Micro Ovens/Ovens
  • Ph Meters
  • Refractometer
  • Rotary Flask Shaker
  • Elecrophoresis Equipment
  • Digital Analytical Balances.

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